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Why We Started founded by innovative executives who having 10+ years of working in the industry - finally had enough. There is currently no other system in the world like ClickRozi that seamlessly connects marketers to consumers and creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties.

  • Private, direct to consumer marketing platform”.
  • Direct cash payments to members.
  • Enough of fake clicks wasting budgets.
  • Advertisers control opportunities--system can't be "gamed".
  • ClickRozi is a tool, not a toy.

Want a Millennial’s attention? Reward them for it

ClickRozi is a direct to consumer marketing and research platform that rewards consumers for their time, attention and feedback.

ClickRozi is the right solution at the right time. Brands can no longer rely on 3rd party data, publishers and middlemen to help connect them with potential customers. A direct, transparent, mutually beneficial partnership between marketers and consumers is the future.

Salman founded ClickRozi in response to the staggering inability for advertisers to effectively capture, measure and retain the meaningful attention of their target customers. Frustrated with the broken advertising system, veteran creative director Salman Mahmood had the insight to by-pass publishers, social media and search engines and simply pay the target customer for their attention. The result will be a truly engaged audience and happy advertisers achieving the performance they had only dreamed of until now.

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