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How do I get started?

ClickRozi is a free app available in both the "Apple app store" and the "Google Play store". To sign up, simply download the app and follow the instructions to get started! Keep in mind, you must sign up with an active mobile number, an email which you can verify and be atleast 13 years old. If you are reading this and have not signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Start getting paid of your attention right now.

What do I need to sign up?

All you need is a phone number and an email address.

How does ClickRozi works?

Very simple - You watch videos and earn rewards.

Do I need bank account to withdraw my rewards?

Not necessary. You can withdraw aswell via EasyPaisa or Jazzcash.

Is there any government tax on rewards?

In some cases, Yes. It depends on your yearly reward earnings. If you cross certain limit within 12 months, your reward earnings will be taxable.

How do I withdraw my rewards?

You can withdraw on 61st day to your assigned bank account or via EasyPaisa/JazzCash.

Can I change withdrawal method after signup?

Yes. You can change withdrawal method as and when required by logging in to your ClickRozi account.

How do i pay for membership?

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, EasyPaisa, JazzCash or Bank Deposit.

Is there any age requirement to become member?

Yes. You should be at least 13 years of age with a valid email address and a phone number.

Do I need to give ID card number to buy membership?

No. You don’t need to give ID card to buy membership

Why I have to buy membership?

You buy membership in order for us to create daily task for you and make sure that you are committed to complete the 60 days task. We don't need slackers - we need committed people to their job.

Can i buy multiple membership?

Yes you can buy multiple memberships with different email address each time. Good news is you can keep the same phone number.

What is active membership means?

Active membership means you paid in full for your membership and your ClickRozi account is active and operational.

When my active membership expires?

Your active membership expires on the 60th day midnight.

Is membership charged only once?

Yes. You pay only once for each membership. Each membership expires on 60th day midnight.

Is my active membership refundable?

No. Your active membership is non-refundable.

Who can buy membership?

Everyone & Anyone. As long you are minimum 13 years of age.

Can I cancel my active membership before 60 days?

No. You can’t cancel your membership before 60 days. Membership expires automatically on 60th day midnight. Membership is non-refundable.

If my membership expires and I don’t withdraw my rewards on 61st day, what will happen?

Relax! Nothing will happen. Your rewards are secured with us. You can withdraw any time after 60th day midnight and can buy new membership plan as and when you desire. We urge you to withdraw your rewards on time rather waiting longer.

Can I renew my expired membership with same information?

Yes. You can renew your expired membership with same information.

Can I change my registered email address with an active membership plan?

No. You can’t change your email address until membership expires.

I can’t regain access to my registered email, and forgotten password to my ClickRozi account. What shall I do?

If you have an active paid membership on ClickRozi and cant regain access to your registered email address and aswell forgotten your ClickRozi password, there is no way possible to regain access in to your ClickRozi account anymore. This means your non-refundable membership will expire at the time of expiration without you be able to withdraw yoru rewards if any.

Can I change my registered phone number?

Yes. You can change your registered phone number by logging in to your account.

I have paid for my membership but still I can’t login?

Don’t worry! It may happen as you must have paid via bank deposit after 4pm PST. In this case your account will be active the next day.

I didn’t pay for membership, how do I cancel my account?

Your account will be deleted automatically after 15 days of non-paid membership. This is applicable only for non-active signups. You can create new account after 15 days using same email address.

I lost payment token number from EasyPaisa or JazzCash, what do I do?

EasyPaisa or JazzCash tokens are issued only once with expiry of 14 calendar days. If expired or lost, you need to order again a new membership by logging into your ClickRozi account.

When my membership gets activated?

Your membership gets activated as soon as payment is confirmed in ClickRozi system. Note that, If you pay via Visa, Mastercard on or after 11pm, your account will be activated at midnight (12am).

I signed up and paid for my membership at 11pm or after, do I have to finish job for that day?

No. Your task will start at midnight (12am).

I have paid via bank deposit for my membership, but still my account is not active, why?

Ooops! You must have not send us your bank payment slip via WhatsApp. You must send us your pay slip to activate your membership. Our WhatsApp number is listed on contact us page.

Can I change my active membership plan before 60 days?

No. You can’t change your active membership plan before 60 days. Instead you can buy new membership under different email address.

Can I have more than One membership?

Yes. You can have multiple memberships with different email addresses. One email address can have One active membership at a time.

My EasyPaisa or JazzCash token expired, what shall I do?

Once the token is expired, you need to log in again and click the buy option to get a new token.

What is the expiry time of EasyPaisa or JazzCash token?

Each token has a validity of 14 days. You must deposit funds within 14 calendar days or it will expire.

How do I earn rewards?

You earn rewards by watching videos. Each time you view a complete video, you earn a reward.

Do I need to complete my task daily?

Yes. You should complete your daily task before midnight.

If I don’t complete my task daily, what will happen?

You earn rewards on daily basis as you go. e.g. If you finish half task for today, you will earn half rewards for today as per your membership plan. You must complete your task on daily basis. Task for each day can’t be done on the following day.

How many rewards do I earn per view?

For each complete view, each membership plan pays out different rewards. Your membership package details are on your dashboard page as soon you login to your account.

How many rewards can I earn daily and at the end of 60 days?

It all depends on you and your membership plan. Each membership plan has maximum reward earning's at the end of 60th day. If you finish your daily task for 60 days, you can earn the maximum listed rewards because that is what you really deserve.

How do I know how many rewards I earned today?

Once you login, your daily reward earnings can be viewed on dashboard.

I missed one day of work due to emergency, can I make it up for another day?

No. You can’t make it up for another day. If you missed your daily task, you can’t makeup in anyway.

Shall I complete my daily task?

Yes of course. You must and should complete your daily task before midnight, in order not to lose your daily maximum reward earnings.

How can I contact customer service?

Best way to contact us is via “contact us form” or via our WhatsApp number. Customer service reps are available to answer to your queries between 10am and 4pm (Monday - Friday)